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Thursday, October 28, 2010

NASA technology for solar powered vaccine refrigerator

NASA has signed a non-exclusive license agreement with SunDanzer Refrigeration Inc. for the space agency’s patented solar-powered refrigeration system technology developed at NASA’s Johnson Space Center. SunDanzer plans to use the technology to develop and market one of the first battery-free solar-powered refrigerators suitable for safely storing vaccines. The patented technology was originally developed by NASA engineers Michael Ewert and David Bergeron, team leader for NASA’s Advanced Refrigeration Technology Team. Ewert and Bergeron were investigating the use of a photovoltaic solar heat pump to cool lunar bases. They subsequently modified the technology and developed a refrigerator with a vapor compression, battery-free heat pump that directly converts electricity from solar photovoltaic panels into thermal energy that is stored internally using low-cost phase-change materials.The technology transfer was facilitated by Fuentek

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